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Yvan Vollé

Musician, animator, songwriter and poet

About Yvan Vollé

Musician, animator, songwriter and poet, Yvan Vollé accompanies his warm husky voice with guitar, ukulele, harmonica and piano. Creating music that is at the confluence of folk, underground and the singer-songwriter style, Yvan is a powerful artist you never forget once you have seen him live.

Equally comfortable in English as in French, he generously shares his musical gifts while revealing his personal history, maturity, joie de vivre, and the great friendship he has with his band, the Rogues (Les Voyous). This award winning artist has performed several times on Radio Canada (television and radio), on university campuses and, in the festival circuit, including Mariposa, La Grande Dame of Folk Festivals.

Yvan Bilodeau, founder of the band Yvan et les Voyous, was born in Ottawa September 8 1968. The youngest of a family of five, Yvan grew up in a bilingual context, his mother being Anglophone from England and his father Francophone from Ottawa.

Through his childhood, the Rolling Stones and Beatles music of his brothers so influenced Yvan Vollé that he just had to get a guitar and, at the age of eight, his mother offered him one. Since that day, his guitar and music have been an intimate part of his life. More than just a hobby, for Yvan it was a refuge where he could get more in touch with himself. Diagnosed as dyslexic and facing the sudden death of his mother (Christmas 1978), Yvan had a challenging adolescence. From these personal trials of youth rose a great passion for singing and music as a means of expression.

Yvan started out performing mainly in English, and it was only in 1995 that Yvan et les Voyous (Yvan and the Rogues) appeared on the scene, followed by a record and two videos. Through music, Yvan met other artists who encouraged him to dig deep within himself, reconnect with his roots, and create a style of his own. Yvan took that advice, spent some time traveling on his own and, in 1997 came his second recording, Triste À Paris. This record would receive a writer-composer award at the 2001 Gala de la chanson franco-ontarienne (APCM).

Yvan came back home and carved out a career based in Montréal, Ottawa and elsewhere in francophone Canada. He evolved musically, accompanied himself with new and talented musicians, and signed a national distribution agreement with a record label. A third album called Sans Question was well received for its diversity and fresh musical approach. It earned him a nomination in 2002 for best contemporary folk album (Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle at de la video - ADISQ) and numerous nominations at the Gala de la chanson franco-ontarienne in 2003 and in 2011 for the album ImagiNation. In 2013 Vollé released his 5th CD entitled The Dance of the Unbelievable to support breast cancer research and dedicated to his mother. "Breast cancer does not choose its company, and this is a cause that is very close to my heart," says Vollé. "With The Dance of the Unbelievable, I hope that the idea of finding a cure for breast cancer is something that becomes very believable." Musically, Yvan is always on the move, even while learning to be a father to his son. As a result, he created a new musical approach for himself, producing shows in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013 at the National Arts Center. Yvan has performed many times on television and radio, university campuses, the summer festival circuit and workshops. As a dedicated artist, he is involved with different causes: fundraising for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, for the Canadian Parkinson's Society and for Le Dépanneur Sylvestre which helps the less fortunate and creates a positive community spirit. He continues to feed and share his passion constantly keeping the rhythm of the art. A rendezvous not to be missed: his next show and the launch of his new album.

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